The OFF-GRID Conference

The OFF-GRID Conference 2020 offers experts an exciting all-round view, a wealth of experience and fresh momentum relating to the issues of the effects of Covid-19 on the off-grid industry sector, productive use and sector coupling, energy storage systems for rural electrification and small wind turbines for challenging locations.

The programme is being organised in cooperation with the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) and with the support of the Bundesverband Kleinwindanlagen e.V. (BVKW) (Federal Association of Small Wind Turbines).


This is why it is well-worth attending the conference

  1. Meet the international experts of the off-grid industry sector and discuss current developments with them

  2. Gather knowledge about the latest trends and technical innovations

  3. Benefit from exciting progress reports and application examples

  4. Use the conference breaks to attend the OFF-GRID Expo

  5. Take part in the practical supporting programme, such as the OFF-GRID TechDay


At a glance

  • When? December 3 – 4, 2020
  • Where? Plenum, Hall 7
  • Language: Englisch mit deutscher Simultanübersetung
  • Partners: Allicance for Rural Electrification, Bundesverband Kleinwindanlagen e.V.


Conference programme



11:00 | Off-Grid electrification in post Covid-19 era
powered by Alliance for Rural Electrification




Welcome Note – Deepak Mohapatra
Need for off-grid electrification with decentralised energy solutions to catalyse the energy access efforts to power up the rest 860 million in post-Covid times

Panel Discussion

  • Deepak Mohapatra, ARE
  • Géraldine Quelle, Phaesun
  • Irene Calvé Saborit, Sunkofa
  • Michael Schmidt, UNIDO



Productive use and sector coupling – Driver of economic development
powered by Alliance for Rural Electrification



14:00 | Luca Traini, RES4Africa
RE-thinking access to energy business models. Ways to walk the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Talk in Sub-Saharan Africa



14:20 | Christoph Peters, TTA
PV for uninterrupted electricity supply of health facilities – case studies



14:40 | Bert Bernolet, Solergie
The Solergie Nano-Grid, in between SHS and mini-grids, with the advantages of both



15:00 | Jasper Verreydt, Turbulent NV
Low head micro hydro enabling rural electrification and agricultural development



15:20 | Farah Mrabet, University of ­Hohenheim
Improving economic activities through local manufacturing



15:40 | Rana Adib, REN21
Overarching challenges, bottlenecks and recommendations on sector ­coupling towards achieving SDG 7 goals


Session III a
09:00 | Small wind turbines for challenging locations – new research and practical implementation

powered by Bundesverband Kleinwindanlagen


  • Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, WWEA
    Small Wind Global Market Status

  • Gerhard Gruhler, HS Heilbronn
    Off-Grid Electricity Generation and Consumption: Quo Vadis?

  • Luis Arribas / Ignacio Cruz, CIEMAT
    SWTOMP Project – What goes next?


Session III b
11:00 | Small wind turbines for challenging locations – new research and practical implementation

powered by Bundesverband Kleinwindanlagen


  • Alexander Hirschl, FH Technikum Wien
    Evaluation of the influences of different roof shapes on the flow properties and performance of small wind turbines
  • Erik Schütz (Keynote Speaker) / Jürgen Weinreich / Ashutosh Das, RoSEC
    Practice-oriented planning of small-wind-systems with augmented reality

  • Tonny Brink, Folkecenter
    Small Wind & Batteries: How to go Off Grid … safely!



Energy Storage for rural electrification – providing uninterrupted energy supply

powered by Alliance for Rural Electrification


14:00 | Prof. Ed Brown, Loughborough University
Energy storage trends for off-grid services in emerging markets




14:20 | Antonia Orsoni, Bluestorage
Integrated solar energy production, storage & management approach to energy access



14:40 | Hendrik Broering, AMMP
Energy system and storage optimization with state-of-the-art monitoring systems



15:00 | Francesco Gattiglio, EUROBAT
Battery technologies for off-grid and rural applications



15:20 | Daniel Rosas, BAE Batterien GmbH
Premium lead batteries as a storage solution for off grid rural electrification



15:40 | Markus Münch, sunfire GmbH
Fuel cells as energy converter in off-grid systems and their impact on operational safety and energy storage



Programme of the OFF-GRID Conference (PDF, 726 KB)




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