The OFF-GRID Conference

The two conference days offer you 6 sessions with top-class topics and experts from all over the world. Live on stage or via livestream.

Conference program 2022

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Program Description 2022

Powering innovative cooling applications with off-grid technologies

Access to electricity and cooling have proven to be crucial drivers to improved livelihoods. In the health sector, more lives can be saved through medicine and vaccine cooling that enables their distributions until the last mile. In the agricultural context, not only losses are reduced but also the food quality is preserved leading to an increased food security and food safety. Dairy sector also experiences the similar benefits with the intervention from innovative cooling technologies.  

It is therefore essential for global decision-making institutions to focus on R&D and financing towards integrating cooling technology for those living in rural and remote areas without access to electricity and cooling. These areas are mostly found in the global south. Speakers will showcase their solutions and discuss the need for off-grid innovation to support the growing need for cooling systems in the most underserved and marginalised communities on the planet.


Decentralised renewable energy and e-mobility

Leapfrogging has been proven to be key to success in many emerging economies. When it comes to mobility in these regions, there is an enormous potential to directly opt for low emission/eco-friendly technologies to meet demands. This comes at a time of high vehicle growth rates with a large proportion of these vehicles imported as second-hand vehicles.

The transport sector is greatly dependant on conventional sources of energy to meet its energy requirements which contributes to air quality concerns as well as high GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. Due to lack of proper transport infrastructure and development, rural areas usually in developing countries face mobility challenges, which pose a great hinderance to the social and economic development of the areas. E-mobility bridges such a gap by providing reliable and affordable transportation means, while also providing a promising alternative that will curb the fuel dependency burden. The session will mark the launch of the new publication on this topic from UNIDO ITPO Germany and ARE featuring discussion around the findings from the publication.


Women entrepreneurs as key drivers in the off-grid renewable energy sector

The electrification of rural communities offers an unprecedented opportunity to expand economic opportunities for women, by creating an array of social and economic benefits. Evidence has demonstrated that women entrepreneurs are strong agents of change, and off-grid solutions have enabled unprecedented opportunities for women in rural communities by improving both women's incomes and decision-making power in local communities. Despite the appeal of the sector, women face persistent barriers related to access to funding, networks, and lack of supportive policies for gender equality. Removing these barriers is essential to meet the growing demand for skills in an expanding off-grid renewable energy industry. Speakers will discuss the exciting potential in expanding women’s entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector in the off-grid setting.


Water-Energy-Food WEF - A pioneering nexus for global development

An effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call for an integrated approach, considering the fact that many SDGs are interconnected with each other. The Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus answers the call by addressing different SDGs that are complex and transdisciplinary in integrated and innovative ways. In this session, the speakers will focus on examples of how using the WEF Nexus can provide a different set of solutions to human well-being and poverty alleviation by achieving multiple SDGs.


Scaling up off-grid renewable energy financing for last-mile rural electrification

Economic development remains hampered by insufficient access to energy, despite significant progress and, as a result, renewable energy finance needs to be scaled up from its current levels. Traditional financing mechanisms are not considered sufficient to finance off-grid technologies, because many isolated and rural communities that would benefit from off-grid renewable energy technologies are also economically fragile or have inadequate financial infrastructures. These challenges call for innovative financing mechanisms of raising funds in support of rural electrification to ensure SDG7. Therefore, the session will bring together expert financiers to address the challenges and share their insights on how new and innovative financial resources can be used efficiently and effectively to meet the energy goals in the off-grid context.


Energy Storage Solutions - providing uninterrupted energy supply

The increased penetration of renewable energy sources is a good sign for global power sector. However, the variable generation potential from solar and wind makes it challenging to provide power 24x7. Energy storage comes as a key to such challenges. Energy storage, if suitably deployed, gives system operators a flexible and fast response resource to effectively manage variability in generation and load and hence provide uninterrupted power supply. This session outlines the nuances of “Energy storage” and the vital role it plays in decentralised rural electrification.


This is why it is well-worth attending the conference

  1. Meet the international experts of the off-grid industry sector and discuss current developments with them

  2. Gather knowledge about the latest trends and technical innovations

  3. Benefit from exciting progress reports and application examples

  4. Use the conference breaks to attend the OFF-GRID Expo

  5. Take part in the practical supporting program, such as the OFF-GRID TechDay


At a glance

  • When? December 1 – 2, 2022
  • Where? Messe Augsburg
  • Language: English
  • Partners: Allicance for Rural Electrification


Video impressions from 2021

Review of the OFF-GRID Conference 2021

The OFF GRID Expo + Conference 2021, which was also livestreamed, focused on 5 90-minute sessions. These were organized by more than 40 experts and include presentations and panel discussions. The topics were focused on: Water & Energy Nexus, sustainable and off-grid energy solutions for mining and for local communities, energy storage in rural regions and power supply for agriculture. Not forgetting our special guests; a high-ranking delegation from Zanzibar, who presented one of their flagship projects. Other items on the agenda were the kick-off of the Off Grid Water Alliance and the award ceremony for the Off-Grid Challenge, which was held on the second day of the trade fair.

The program was organized in cooperation with the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) and with the support of the Bundesverband Kleinwindanlagen e.V. (BVKW) (Federal Association of Small Wind Turbines).