The event for off-grid solar, wind, hydropower systems and self-sufficient power supply Oct 29 to Oct 31 2025
The event for off-grid solar, wind, hydropower systems and self-sufficient power supply Oct 29 to Oct 31 2025
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OFF-GRID Expo + Conference: The event for self-sufficient power supply

The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference is an international, two-day B2B event dealing with off-grid solar, wind turbine, and hydropower systems and self-sufficient power supply.

Parallel to the OFF-GRID Expo, the OFF-GRID Conference, given in the English language, will be held with exciting presentations by international experts.

At the OFF-GRID TechDay, which is held the previous day, providers carry out exclusive product and service training sessions.

The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference takes place live in Augsburg.

Which energy sources are involved?

The platform facilitates active and interactive exchange with competent business partners and helps to generate new ideas and fresh momentum relating to self-sufficient power supply. This portfolio is represented here:

  • Energy Production

    ✓ Biogas
    ✓ Bioenergy
    ✓ Geothermal
    ✓ Hydropower
    ✓ Photovoltaic
    ✓ Solarthermal
    ✓ Small Windenergy

  • Energy Storage

    ✓ Cold Storage
    ✓ Energy Storage Heat
    ✓ Energy Storage Electricity
    ✓ Energy Storage Salt
    ✓ Fuel cells
    ✓ Hydrogen Storage​​​​​

  • Distribution & Management

    ✓ Back-Up
    ✓ Maintenance
    ✓ Micro-Girds
    ✓ Mini-Girds
    ✓ Monitoring
    ✓ Software
    ✓ Stand-Alone

  • Energy Use

    ✓ Agri PV
    ✓ Cooling
    ✓ Commercial & Industry 
    ✓ Desalination / Drinking water
    ✓ Pumping
    ✓ E-mobility
    ✓ Entertainmemnt / Communication
    ✓ Institutions (Health, education...)
    ✓ Lighting

  • Financing

    ✓ Financial Support
    ✓ Public & private investors
    ✓ Pay-as-you-xx
    ✓ Crowdfunding
    ✓ Carbon Credits
    ✓ Bitcoins

  • Cross Services

    ✓ Planing
    ✓ Project control
    ✓ System design

  • Policy

    ✓ Stakeholder-Involvement
    ✓ NGOs
    ✓ Public Organisations

  • Education & Science

    ✓ Institutes
    ✓ Research
    ✓ Training
    ✓ Universities

Will the participation at OFF-GRID Expo + Conference of interest to me?

Yes, absolutely if you work in one or more of the following areas:

Education and trainingServices
(Installers, planners, engineering firms, architects, energy consultants, financing, funding, insurance companies)
Energy supply, energy trade Buildings / architecture / construction planning Wholesale trade / online trade Installers, electrical engineeringAid organisations / NGOs Industry Agriculture and forestry Rural electrification Mini-grids / micro-grids / pico-grids Mobility
(Caravan, marine, special vehicle and other mobility outfitters)
Public administration
(Offices, authorities, ministries, municipalities, embassies)
Furnishing public institutions
(e.g. hospitals)
Outdoor activities Tourism
(Holiday lodge companies, caravans)
Associations, clubs, institutions Water pumping and preparation Science, research, development

You can find more images of the trade fair here.

Be a part of the action!

Make a note of the new date already:

OFF-GRID Expo + Conference:
October, 2025

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