The event for off-grid solar, wind, hydropower systems and self-sufficient power supply Oct 29 to Oct 31 2025
The event for off-grid solar, wind, hydropower systems and self-sufficient power supply Oct 29 to Oct 31 2025
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Exhibiting at the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference pays dividends

Benefit from participating as an exhibitor

More than 40 companies will present their know-how and showcase their innovative products and services to around 600 attendees from more than 21 countries. Start-ups benefit from discounted booth offers. Universities and institutes are represented in the joint "Education Mile" area.

The OFF-GRID Expo portfolio covers the entire process chain:

  • Energy Production

    ✓ Biogas
    ✓ Bioenergy
    ✓ Geothermal
    ✓ Hydropower
    ✓ Photovoltaic
    ✓ Solarthermal
    ✓ Small Windenergy

  • Energy Storage

    ✓ Cold Storage
    ✓ Energy Storage Heat
    ✓ Energy Storage Electricity
    ✓ Energy Storage Salt
    ✓ Fuel cells
    ✓ Hydrogen Storage​​​​​

  • Distribution & Management

    ✓ Back-Up
    ✓ Maintenance
    ✓ Micro-Grids
    ✓ Mini-Grids
    ✓ Monitoring
    ✓ Software
    ✓ Stand-Alone

  • Energy Use

    ✓ Agri PV
    ✓ Cooling
    ✓ Commercial & Industry 
    ✓ Desalination / Drinking water
    ✓ Pumping
    ✓ E-mobility
    ✓ Entertainmemnt / Communication
    ✓ Institutions (Health, education...)
    ✓ Lighting

  • Financing

    ✓ Financial Support
    ✓ Public & private investors
    ✓ Pay-as-you-xx
    ✓ Crowdfunding
    ✓ Carbon Credits
    ✓ Bitcoins

  • Cross Services

    ✓ Planing
    ✓ Project control
    ✓ System design

  • Policy

    ✓ Stakeholder-Involvement
    ✓ NGOs
    ✓ Public Organisations

  • Education & Science

    ✓ Institutes
    ✓ Research
    ✓ Training
    ✓ Universities

All participants use the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts, make contacts and initiate new projects.

At the same time, the conference takes placesfeaturing presentations by international experts. The event is rounded off by a varied, interactive and entertaining supporting program.

Renowned, internationally active partners support the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference with their expertise and network.

5 reasons for your participation

OFF-GRID Expo is the only exhibition in Europe focused on off-grid solutions.

You present your know-how and your products to an international expert audience.

Due to the practical orientation as a trade fair for users, you will quickly gain new contacts and generate new projects.

The powerful partner network and the high-class conference guarantee professional quality.

With the attractive all-inclusive packages for exhibitors, you present yourself optimally and save time in preparation.

Here’s what our exhibitors have to say

„We are here at the OFF-GRID Expo+Conference the fourth time. It is a very great meeting for all expert companies in this field. This is the reason, why we are here: To meet all the people, who have interest in this specific topic. We are very proud to be here to present our newest product. What is very appreciable here, is that the people are involved in this specific topic „green energy“– it’s not like some general exhibition. Here can we focus on what is interesting for us and the public."



„We are very pleased to be here at OFF-GRID Expo+Conference in Augsburg. We’ve been coming from the USA to this show for many years. We’d like to serve the European market and therefore we are featuring two new products at the expo. We are very happy to be present at the fair and during Techday."

Brad Berwald, Morningstar Corporation


„You won't find networking opportunities like this at any other trade show. At the OEC, the exhibitors are, in effect, just as much participants, because here everyone acts together, exchanges ideas, and shares and presents projects and innovations with each other. Even those who are new to the industry get in very quickly here, as do the delegations we have organized.

The OEC enables dialogue between all the relevant players who drive the process; for project development, this is very important. That's the unique selling point of the OEC: everyone who does projects is here, that's why we're here."

Michael Schmidt, UNIDO ITPO Germany


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