The event for off-grid solar, wind, hydropower systems and self-sufficient power supply Oct 29 to Oct 31 2025
The event for off-grid solar, wind, hydropower systems and self-sufficient power supply Oct 29 to Oct 31 2025
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History and review of the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference

Launched in 2011 as a workshop, the event is now established as the most important off-grid event in the industry. Join us for a look at past events and the history of OFF-GRID Expo + Conference.

This was OFF-GRID Expo + Conference 2023

The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference thrills participants as leading expert event with self-sufficient solutions for off-grid areas.

Read our final report to learn everything about the latest event.

Video: Impressions from 2023

Take a look at the highlights in our video.


History of OFF-GRID Expo + Conference from 2011 - 2023

The very first OFF-GRID Experts Workshop was held in 2011. Since then, the event attracted more and more participants and aroused more and more enthusiasm, also among exhibitors and event partners.

With a continuously expanded and optimized program, the event, which has been hosted by Messe Augsburg since 2019, is now established as the most important off-grid event in the industry.

Since 2020 the Alliance for Rural Electrification is the official conference partner of the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference.

2023 - OEC consolidates its position as the only European platform for the off-grid sector

Over 40 exhibitors and around 600 participants from 21 countries came together over two days of trade fairs and conferences to discuss solutions, innovations and services for off-grid supply.

2022 – Implementation of the OEC at the Augsburg site with digital extension

For the second time, the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference was held as a hybrid variant. The on-site and additionally digitally streamed platform for off-grid enthusiasts inspired around 900 participants from more than 30 countries as well as over 60 exhibitors.

2021 – Hybrid implementation of the OEC 2021

For the first time, the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference could be held live in Augsburg as well as via livestream. The hybrid event format offered the approximately 50 exhibitors and 900 participants excellent conditions for exchange and networking on site and on the digital platform.

2020 – Digital realization of the event

With the new name OFF-GRID Expo + Conference, the event took place for the first time in digital form, depending on the circumstances. The exhibition and conference was presented online in 2020. With a diverse virtual supporting program, the digital event offered the perfect counterpart to the physical event and many opportunities for networking.

2019 – Relocation to Messe Augsburg

Due to the growing number of participants and exhibitors, the event moved to Messe Augsburg in 2019 and has been organized by Messe Augsburg since then. With around 60 exhibitors and 450 participants from all over the world, a stunning kick-off event was held under the motto "Get rid of the grid".  The event was a complete success due to an entertaining supporting program, as well as the conference, the accompanying exhibition with well-known exhibitors and a go-kart race in the evening.

2017 – OFF-GRID Experts Workshop as established event of the scene

41 exhibitors and over 400 international guests were part of the 5th OFF-GRID Experts Workshop under the motto "Switch on Off-Grid". With a variety of supporting program elements, the special guest, the interactive conference and the exhibition, the event has already established itself as the most important event in the industry. The big rodeo event completed the evening event as a spectacular highlight.

2015 – Growing internationality

With the introduction of the TechDay with technical product trainings, in 2015 already 35 exhibitors and more than 300 guests could be counted. Under the motto "The World speaks Off-Grid" more than 100 applications have already been received for the OFF-GRID Award. The diverse program was also expanded with a business speed dating, hands-on Off-Grid workshop, meet-the-experts tables, speakers corner, photo exhibition and a cinema. The conference with keynote speaker Christian Felber was also simultaneously translated from German into English for the first time. A Segway Race was offered as a highlight of the evening event.

2013 – Presentation of the OFF-GRID Award (as new attraction)

At the third event, 25 exhibitors and around 250 guests from more than 25 countries were welcomed to a unique Off-Grid event under the motto "Do it the Off-Grid Way". For the first time, the conference and the exhibition were supplemented by a further attraction, the presentation of the OFF-GRID Award. The categories Best Off-Grid Product, Best Off-Grid Project, Best Picture, Best Filmlet were honored by the jury. The event was rounded off with a Segway Biathlon race.

2012 – Move to the city hall of Memmingen

Under the motto "See the world through Experts' glasses" the event moved to the city hall of Memmingen with 22 exhibitors and 200 guests in 2012. With even more space, the participants could be offered further innovative event formats such as WorldCafé, Running Discussion, Workshop Quiz. Niels Pfläging was one of the keynote speakers at the conference. As an evening event the participants were offered an Electro Motocross event in a relaxed atmosphere.

2011 – Kick-off as in-house exhibition at Phaesun GmbH

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Phaesun GmbH in Memmingen, Germany, the first OFF-GRID Experts Workshop with the motto "More than 500 Years Off-Grid Experience" started in 2011 as an in-house exhibition. The anniversary celebration was framed by an interesting conference program, an exhibition of major manufacturers and as a highlight the Electro Motocross Event.

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