The Education Mile as part of the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference



What is the Education Mile?

Training and further education institutions, including colleges and universities, can present what they have to offer at the OFF-GRID Expo in their own designated area – the Education Mile.

The various institutions can benefit from the all-inclusive “Basic” package at special rates and conditions.

Furthermore, students of these institutions can participate in a project competition.


The winners of the Education Mile 2020

These are the winners of the Education Mile 2020 who have presented their projects at the digital OEC. The 3rd place is shared by four teams.

1st place 2nd place 3rd place
“Assessment of a modular milk cooling solution powered by solar energy”
Sonja Mettenleiter (University of Hohenheim)

“Comparing the performance of bifacial photovoltaic modules in different regions”
TimseAbasi Thomas and Jane Kariuki (University of Oldenburg)

  •  “Analyzing the effects of soiling on the performance of a stand-alone solar photovoltaic system”
    Pranay Kasturi, Samuel Cudjoe and Aliqyaan Sakarwala (University of Oldenburg)
  • “Simulation of an Independent Solar Home System in Bolivia”
    Angela Gamba, Diana Maldonado, Mike Rowen, Lidya Gebrezgiabher and Mohamed Abu Saleh (University of Oldenburg)
  • “Moon Generator – Renewable Energy generated at Night”
    Patricia Michels, Jens Gruber, Simon Herthneck and Julian Sauter (Ulm University of Applied Sciences)
  • “Practice-oriented planning of small-wind-systems with augmented reality technology”
    Ashutosh Das, Kennie Roy and Josna Sebastian (SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences)


We would like to thank all exhibitors and students who participated in the Education Mile 2020, as well as the jury for their participation and the Ulmer Parkbetriebsgesellschaft for the donation of the prizes!

Application for the Education Mile 2021

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