Accreditation for journalists to the OFF-GRID Expo + Conference


General accreditation guidelines for journalists attending trade fairs in Germany

We as exhibition organizer wish to make it easier for journalists to access information about our events and company with the aid of accreditation, which is used exclusively for the purpose of journalistic reporting. The following can be granted press accreditation:

  • Holders of a valid press card issued by a German or foreign journalists association not connected with the sector.
  • Holders of a valid press card issued by a German or foreign trade journalists association connected with the sector.
  • Persons from Germany or abroad who can prove their journalistic (incl. photojournalistic) activity as follows:
    1. by presenting the original copy of authored articles which are not older than six months at the time of the event;
    2. by presenting the original copy of publishing details which are not older than six months at the time of the event and in which they are named as editors, permanent members of the editorial staff or authors;
    3. by presenting the original copy of a written order placed by a publication relating to the actual exhibition;
    4. by means of a web link to an online publication they have published themselves and which is established in the relevant exhibition community. Advance accreditation is required in these cases due to the increased effort necessary for checking;
    5. by presenting a document not more than six months old which verifies that they work for school newspapers or by presenting a valid pass issued by youth press organizations.

The exhibition organizer also reserves the right to carry out a further check of the proof of journalistic activity, even if a press card has been presented. Proof of eligibility should be presented in German or English.

The exhibition organizer reserves the right in individual cases to also request to see a valid personal document with photo. There is no right to accreditation. The exhibition organizer may exercise his domiciliary rights if necessary.



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