Free advertising material to promote your presence

Inform your customers that you will be represented at OFF-GRID Expo + Conference.

Take advantage of our range of free advertising materials to promote your presence in advance!








Communicate your participation in your print and online advertising by using our logo in your communication channels.

Interferer for ads

Announce your trade show appearance in your print advertising by using the disruptor with trade show reference in your advertisement.

OFF-GRID Expo + Conference interferer, CMYK (PDF)


Banners for web und e-mail

Use our banners to draw attention to your presence at the trade fair. Mention your trade show participation in every email and link to your website with all the information about your participation at OFF-GRID Expo + Conference.

Our template set contains the common banner formats. You will also find templates for individual lettering here.

Customizable banners

Use the white, free space for individualization. Here, for example, you can communicate your company name, hall and stand number and a customer address.

To see an example, please click here.

Customizable Super Banner – 728 x 90 (PNG)

Customizable Full Banner – 468 x 60 (PNG)

Customizable Rectangle – 180 x 150 (PNG)

Customizable Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250 (PNG)

Customizable Skyscraper – 120 x 600 (PNG)

Customizable Wide Skyscraper– 160 x 600 (PNG)


Increased awareness through Social Media

Your social media channels are optimal forums to invite your customers to visit your booth at OFF-GRID Expo + Conference.

Customizable post images

Use the blank, white space to draw attention to your trade show participation.

Customizable Instagram post image (PNG)

Customizable Facebook / LinkedIn post image (PNG)

Videos & Photos

Best also share the  OFF-GRID Expo + Conference video clips on your social media channel!

OFF-GRID Expo + Conference Photos & Videos